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Memorial European Summer School Philosophy


National University of Ireland Galway
"The Language of Phenomena/ The Phenomena of Language"

We have been honoured to have  Prof. Felix Ó Murchadha offer to host this celebratory 5th anniversary of MESSP. 

Prof. Ó Murchadha is a prolific scholar with a stream of current publications and holds the Headship in the School of Humanities, Philosophy in the School of Humanities, NUI Galway

The Hardiman Research Institute, Moore Institute and Library, MESSP 2018 Sessions, NUI Galway


David Beirne, Christopher Chapin, Rachael Coventry, Greg Crowley, Sheila Gallagher, Jen Hamann, Douglas Hedley, Richard Kearney, Michelle Mahoney, Sean McGrath, Felix Ó Murchadha,Veronica O'Neill, Shannon O'Rourke, Georgios Petropoulos, Annalee Ring, Benni Rottennecker, Max Schaefer, Victoria Smith, David Tracey, Tyler Tritten, Sam Underwood, Urszula Zbrzeźniak

◆    ◆    ◆

Memorial European Summer School Philosophy


Husserl Archives, Higher Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven, Belgium

"Politics and the Phenomenological Tradition"

Kindly hosted by Prof. dr. Julia Jansen, Husserl-Archives: Higher Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven


Parker Biehn, Kyla Bruff, Saty Das, Marlana Dugger, Katarzyna Dworakowska, Alisan Genc, Peter Gratton, Adam Haaga, Elisabeth Hill, Julia Jansen, Philip Kupferschmidt, Danielle Layne, Michelle Mahoney,  Sean McGrath, Thomas Minguy, Emma Pearce, Annalee Ring, Gil Shalev, Ashoka Singh, Paulina Sosnowska, Christian Sternad, David Tracy, Tyler Tritten, Sam Underwood, Andrew Wiercinski, Andrew Whitehead, Urszula Zbrzeźniak

◆    ◆    ◆

Memorial European Summer School Philosophy


Faculty of Education, Ignatiatum, Krakow

 "Education and the Hermeneutics of the Self"

Kindly hosted by Dr. Dr. Andrzej Wierciński, President of the International Institute for Hermeneutics, University of Warsaw.


Kyla Bruff, Stephanie Butera, Dominika Depta-Marel, Marlana Duggar,  Peter Gratton, Adam Haaga, MichalJanuszkiewicz, PawełKaźmierczak, Barbara Lipińska, MarkusLipowicz, Michelle Mahoney, Sean McGrath, Seamus O'Neill, Shannon O'Rourke, Małgorzata Przanowska, Magdalena Rzepka, Gil Shalev, Paulina Sosnowska, Maja Stelmach, David Tracey, Tyler Tritten, Stephanie Voigt, Uwe Voigt, AndreWiercinski, Urszula Zbrzezniak

◆    ◆    ◆

Memorial European Summer School Philosophy


Faculty of Theology, University of Freiburg

"Questioning the Secular" 

Kindly hosted by Prof. DDr. Markus Enders - Theologische Fakultät - Universität Freiburg


Francesca Brencio, Kyla Bruff, Mary Germaine, Peter Gratton, Michal Januszkiewicz, Joel Madore, Michelle Mahoney, Sean McGrath, Sarah Messer, Fintan Neylan, Shannon O'Rourke, Frank Schlesinger, Gil Shalev, Amanda De Sousa, Tyler Tritten, Andrzej Wiercinski, Riku Yokoyama

◆    ◆    ◆

Memorial European Summer School Philosophy


Institute for Philosophy and the Centre for Environmental Science, University of Augsburg

 "A Concept of Nature for the 21st Century"

Kindly hosted by Prof. Dr. Uwe Voigt, University of Augsburg, Institute of Philosophy and by PD Dr. Jens Soentgen, Director of the Centre for Environmental Sciences, University of Augsburg


Kyla Bruff, Marion Friedrich, Peter Gratton, Thomas Heichele, Theodor Leiber, Joel Madore, Michelle Mahoney, Sean McGrath, Uwe Meixner, Shannon O'Rourke, Gil Shalev, Jens Soentgen, Uwe Voigt.

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